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A Blockchain to issue, buy and sell shares

A Beyond Bitcoin innovation to empower it’s users to issue, buy and sell their shares and financial means through an innovative financial built-in Blockchain functions

We’re reinventing the global equity blockchain – that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital and the way investors buy and sell shares.

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How different is BitShares Blockchain?

BitShares Blockchain is a decentralized “Blockchain As Organization” (BAO); An industrial-grade decentralized platform built for high-performance financial means and smart contracts. It represents the first decentralized autonomous community that enables its core token holders to decide its future direction and financial products.

BitShares Blockchain is similar to a publicly owned company or open joint-stock companies. Yet, unlike traditional entities, BitShares Blockchain does not require registration in any jurisdiction, because trust between it’s users is mediated by an (AI) technology over the internet.


BitShares Open Source Mobile Wallet


Bitshares Open Source Mobile App is the mobile exceptional DEX wallet for the Bitshares Blockchain.

Currently features:

  • Support account mode and wallet mode registration
  • Support wallet mode, account mode and private key mode login
  • Support for all asset views and transactions
  • Markets, TimeLine, K-Line Chart, Transaction History
  • Collateral, Transfer, Voting
  • Automated Market Making & Liquidity Pools


Bitshares Open Source browser based exceptional wallet (DEX)


Powered by a Team TEAM

BitShares Build Team combines a passion for esports, industry expertise & proven record in banking, finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Ammar Yousef
Deep Generalist / CEO ioBanker OÜ / BitShares Group / ioxbank
Python Artiest / High-level Programmer
Dr. Christopher Sanborn
C++ Core Developer / PhD. University of Connecticut / ARTCASA
BTS++ Core member
Dr. Stefan Schießl
JS Core Developer / PhD. University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
JS Core Developer
Python Core Developer
Dr. John Conlin
Blockchain Lawyer / PhD. University of Michigan Law School / Bit20
JS Core Developer / Nftea.Gallery

Advisors & Auditors & Ambassadors

Blockchain Market Mechanics Expert
Economist / Blockchain Cryptocurrency Expert / Turkey Ambassador
Nicholas Burgess
Blockchain Markets Analyst / Blockchain Inspector
Chigbolu-Nwauje I. Victor
Msc Industrial Chemistry / Nigeria Ambassador
Abit More
Core Technical Auditor / Blockchain Technical Advisor
Fabian Schuh
CEO of ChainSquad GmbH / BitShares Python Expert

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Frequently asked questions FAQ

BitShares Blockchain has a unique platform and open source integrations; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use, and completely disrupting the way businesses issue shares and raise capital.

BTS - BTS is the core asset utility which is needed to submit transactions on BitShares Blockchain; it is also used for BitShares development purposes; while BTS asset shareholders are in power to manage and develop BitShares and influence it’s future using several decentralized integrated functions and tools such as decentralized worker and voting system.

BitShares is an investment currency with its own digital currency, BTS. With BitShares, users can trade and invest in an essentially unlimited list of assets while taking advantage of the blockchain’s security. BitShares has the features you expect from a traditional trading platform, but with the added advantages of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, such as decentralization.

BTS is stored at Blockchain; some are storing it with custodians like centralized exchanges; while you can be the custodian by yourself using several client browser based wallets with just having public and private keys saved.

BitShares allows individuals and companies to create and issue their own tokens for anything they can imagine. On the one hand, UIAs can be used as simple event tickets deposited on the customers mobile phone to pass the entrance of a concert. On the other hand, they can be used for crowd funding, ownership tracking or even to sell equity of a company in form of stock. Obviously, the regulations that apply to each kind of token vary widely and are often different in every jurisdiction. Hence, BitShares comes with tools that allow issuers to remain compliant with all applicable regulations when issuing assets assuming regulators allow such assets in the first place.

SmartCoins are cryptocurrencies with a value pegged to another asset, like gold or the U.S. dollar. BTS, the core currency of BitShares, always backs 100 percent or more of the value of SmartCoins. Users can also convert SmartCoins to BTS at any moment with the exchange rate from the price feed. SmartCoins are almost always guaranteed to have a value that is at least their face value, with the exception of the most extreme conditions in the market. As a cryptocurrency, SmartCoins are free from restrictions, divisible, and fungible.

BitShares includes a decentralized asset exchange of a high-performance nature. This exchange is capable of handling the same trading volume as the NASDAQ yet settles orders the same second that they are submitted and includes features you want from your trading platform.

While many of the transactions on the BitShares exchange will involve trading SmartCoins, users can trade nearly anything. Provided an asset has enough interest, there are minimal limits to what users can trade. Examples include cryptocurrencies, national currencies, oil, gas, silver, and gold. The exchange has support for assets that track inflation, indexes, bonds, and stocks. Companies even have the ability to issue their own stock using the BitShares network then offer low-cost trading that includes protection from naked shorting.

The Dynamic Account Permissions are a key technology of BitShares. They are the result of BitShares designing permissions based on people as opposed to cryptography. This makes it possible for accounts to be controlled via weighted combinations of private keys and other accounts. The hierarchical structure involved was designed to mimic real-life permissions and allow for simpler multiuser control of funds. It is this multiuser control that dramatically enhances security and can almost completely eliminate risks of hacking-related thefts.

One of the many areas in which BitShares stands out from other smart contract platforms is in its support for scheduled as well as recurring payments. Thanks to this feature, users can set up authorization for a third party to withdrawal from their account given certain limits. It is particularly useful for monthly subscriptions and bills.

Like many other blockchain-based platforms, BitShares offers a referral program with rewards. This advanced referral program is actually built right into the software. As a financial network, it benefits both BitShares and every user on the network if more people use the platform. With the referral program, you can get $80 or more for each Lifetime Member that you get to sign up. Specifically, Lifetime Members will pay $100 and get 80 percent cash back for each fee that they pay. If they refer a Basic Account to the network, they get 80 percent of those fees, as well.

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